RomaFamThis is Alexsander and his brother Philip, with their mom and little sister. 

-    The room you see is their entire house. 
-    The family of 5 share this space.
-    The running water is outside and downstairs.
-    The heat (and cooking and clothes drying) is provided by a wood-burning stove.
-    Electricity is a luxury.
-    They are well-off compared to many of their friends..... Their dad has a job.

This is what some of the support we have sent for families being touched through Paul & Mary Triller working with 'NEXT LEVEL MISSIONS' 
Its' Just 16 days until our first ever Roma Kids Camp! 5 days of fun, games, and quite possibly a first introduction to the person of Jesus for these 25 kids. Because of this new connection, this is an opportunity to meet 15-20 Roma families, spend time with their kids, and hopefully identify those who can be helped thru Propel's student sponsorship program! Prayers appreciated.