Our Mission

Equipping people for Life through Faith in Jesus Christ.... Equipping comes from a Greek word that has many shades of meaning from train, perfect and complete to mend and restore. That’s what we do, that’s what we've experienced. Jesus has restored us back to relationship with God and now we are on a journey, filled with His Spirit, following Him, learning from Him and living life through faith in Him.

The LIGHTHOUSE is a church that celebrates life – in all its fullness. We have a desire to help others do the same. We take Jesus seriously when He said; “My purpose is to give life in all its fullness.” John 10:10   

We have five essential heartbeats that define who we are. They are: 

Honour:    We seek to honour God and each other. We honour God through our obedience to His word and valuing His presence, especially when we meet together. We honour each other by valuing the unique contribution each person brings and cultivating honest and open relationships.  

Excellence:    It says of Jesus He did all things well. Excellence for us is not about perfection. Rather it’s about doing everything to the best of our ability; rejecting mediocrity, going for the best and being the best we can be. We don’t accept the traditional distinctions between secular and sacred. Instead we want to see God as all in all, no matter what we do.  

Advancement:    We believe in moving forward, making progress, learning from mistakes but not always looking back over our shoulder. Our pursuit is the Reign of God in every sphere of life until people, organisations and structures of society are changed to reflect a just way of living.  

Reaching Out:    The story of the shepherd who left the ninety nine healthy sheep to look for the lost sheep is a powerful picture for us. We look out for each other and reach out to others. We are intentional about this, most often doing this through extending hospitality and friendship.  

Togetherness:    Unity is important to us. God’s blessing flows when people flow together. So we seek to build teams that serve together, learn together, grow together and do life  together. It’s not just about being a crowd of spectators it’s about having a  common vision and participating together for a common cause 

Our Sunday Meetings:     Our meetings always have a sense of celebration about them. We create an environment where people want to change, want to serve Jesus wholeheartedly and want to fulfil their purpose in life. We have a lively band that leads us in worship. Preaching that inspires and teaches us how to do life better and friendships that help us remember who God has made us to be.