About Us

What happens on a Sunday?

You can expect a warm, friendly welcome at our Sunday meetings.
We start with a time of praise and worship led by our band. Expect contemporary and vibrant songs with powerful impact. The words will be on the screen so feel free to join in our just enjoy the atmosphere.

We want to be a generous church and we encourage our church family to give through tithes and offerings. However, as a visitor, please feel under no obligation to give. You're our guest, so everything is on the house!

You will receive a lively, informative,  encouraging, and faith building message in which people are given the opportunity to begin or build their walk with Jesus Christ. There is also the chance to receive personal prayer for healing and other needs at the end of the service.

After the service we welcome you to our hospitality area for some refreshments where you will have an opportunity to connect with people. It's a great time to get to know each other.