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Colin & Jean Bearup are full time missionaries working in Chad with WEC Internatiional. Resident in the UK  but travelling back and forth. He speaks Chad Arabic, some Classical Arabic, French... and no doubt bits of others too! 

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He has recently completed the translation of the New Testament into Chadian Arabic. 
He heads up the WEC team in Chad and works with them and others to plant churches in a Muslim environment. he also runs the Mahabba Network of Burnley and Pendle in East Lancashire.

Colin grew up in this church,  and we are the 'Sending' Church  having supported them throughout their time as missionaries. 
Being a missionary is a long term commitment that can be very tough on the family, Colin & jean's now adult children are all doing well in their careers.

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The WEC Chad Website Here. 

You Can Buy Colin's very insightful book here:  


Colins Family News Bullitin is always interesting.

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